Responsibilities of office bearers

President – (For 15-16 : Kamalesh Mehta)

The President’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Overseeing the conduct and supervision of all activities of the chapter during his or her term of office.
  • Presiding at all meetings of the chapter and of the chapter’s Board of Governors (BOG).
  • Developing a calendar of events for the chapter operating year.
  • Attending the CRC.
  • Chairing CRC preparation committee by:
    • Developing motions
    • Preparing the chapter CRC report
    • Proposing region and Society officer candidates and award recommendations
  • Leading the chapter’s strategic planning.
  • Disseminating information from region and Society to the chapter.
  • Preparing meeting agendas, assuring that all meetings start and end on time, and accomplishing scheduled events.
  • Delegating and coordinating duties for relevant chapter activities to individuals and committees.
  • Stimulating and maintaining enthusiasm among chapter members.

President-Elect and Vice Presidents
(For 15-16 : D.N. Shukla (Pres. Elect) & Aakash Patel (Vice Presi.)

Each chapter elects a President-Elect and one or more Vice Presidents. The responsibilities of the President-Elect and each Vice President typically include :

  • Assuming the next highest position in the event it becomes temporarily or permanently vacant.
  • Serving on the chapter’s BOG.
  • Assuming other duties assigned to them by the chapter President or the BOG.
  • Attending President-Elect training.
  • Attending the CRC.
  • Additional duties of the President-Elect typically include appointing committee chairs who will serve during his/her Presidential year.

Secretary (For 15-16 : Amit Mehta)

The Secretary’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Taking minutes for chapter and BOG meetings.
  • Serving on the BOG
  • Maintaining chapter records
  • Serving as liaison between the chapter and Society Headquarters.
  • Being familiar with “Roberts Rules of Order (Revised)” for conducting business sessions.
  • Maintaining a record of each member’s attendance and chapter activities for use of the Nominating Committee.
  • Sending minutes of chapter and BOG meetings to the Director and Regional Chair (DRC) and the Regional Vice Chair (RVC) of Chapter Technology Transfer (where applicable) within three weeks of each meeting.
  • Keeping lists of members and prospective members up to date, in cooperation with the Membership Promotion Committee, and certifying to the BOG that all chapter members are bona fide members of the Society.
  • Obtaining and distributing forms, supplies, etc., as needed.
  • Acting for the BOG in taking charge of all property of the chapter, such as the charter, bylaws, banners, projectors, etc.
  • Arranging for distribution of meeting notices.
  • Promptly notifying officers, nominated candidates and members of all committees of their selection, nomination or appointment.
  • Completing the online Chapter Information Questionnaire (CIQ) on the ASHRAE website and sending it to the DRC, Assistant Regional Chair (ARC), Regional Members Council Representative (RMCR), and RVCs.
  • Preparing a chapter roster.
  • Ensuring that the DRC receives copies of appropriate chapter communications and documentation.
  • Performing other functions as outlined in subsequent parts of this manual or as assigned by the President or BOG.

Treasurer (For 15-16 : Nishant Gupta)

The Treasurer’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Receiving, keeping safe and disbursing chapter funds.
  • Maintaining records, submitting reports and making tax filings in accordance with Section 5 of the MCO.
  • Keeping chapter expenditures in line with income.
  • Attending CRC training.
  • Collecting chapter dues from Society, if the chapter chooses to have Society accept them.
  • Paying regional dues assessments.
  • Coordinating with Society staff to ensure that the chapter is registered as an official “fundraiser” in each state in which it solicits funds.

Board of Governors: (For 15-16 : Prof. Rajan R, Nishant N, Hardik S,
Sapan S, Prashant P, Rajen V, Sandip S, Ketan S, Prit S)

The Board of Governors (BOG) typically consists of the chapter’s elected officers, the most recent past president and other members elected by the membership.

The BOG’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Managing and conducting the affairs of the chapter.
  • Supervising and caring for all property of the chapter.
  • Presenting to the members at the annual meeting a general statement on the work of the year and the condition of the chapter.
  • Meeting monthly, at a time that does not conflict with other chapter activities.
  • Showing appreciation for chapter members’ efforts by awarding certificates of appreciation, past presidents’ pins and other forms of recognition; encouraging chapters to express appreciation to their leadership at annual meetings or other special events.

Committee Chair responsibilities

  • Delegating to and motivating committee members
  • Attending CRC workshops
  • Scheduling regular committee meetings
  • Planning committee activities
  • Reporting to the BOG
  • Submitting a monthly and an annual report to the BOG. The annual report should include a summary of the committee’s activities for the year and suggestions for the incoming committee.

Chapter Committees

  • Attendance Committee
  • Auditing Committee
  • Chapters Regional Conference
  • Grassroots Government Activities Committee
  • Student Activities Committee
  • Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Historical Committee and/or Chapter Historian
  • Honors and Awards Committee
  • Membership Promotion Committee
  • Nominating Committee and Election Procedure
  • Publications and/or eNewsletter Editor

Chapter Committees

  • Publicity Committee
  • Reception Committee
  • Refrigeration Committee
  • Research Promotion Committee
  • Special Events Committee
  • Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee
  • Electronics Communications Committee and/or Chapter Webmaster